I am really moved by your most interesting article

Author: Rupert Linder, M.D.

Dear Shamil,

I am really moved by your most interesting article. It is indeed going deeply into personal, philosophical and psychosocial issues.

It is a very nice thinking to extend ‘needs’ to personal interests with all the different full ranges. I also like the inclusion of conscious and inconscious PI’s — as we all know, how much important life functions really are taken care of rather inconcsiously.

Especially I like the expansion of the PI’s from individual viewpoints in another step to supraindividual structures (couples, family, work- and other groups, even states and supranational bodies). A very striking point we are witnessing in our times and which is so much necessary after the social catastrophes in the 20th century.

You can imagine how much I aggree with the prenatal sources of all these phenomena. In this connection I want to tell you that I was able to complete my chapter about the psychodynamics of preeclampsia, which in a rather profound way focusses on the psychic asspects of implantation and discovery. I think that all the fundamental questions of trust and being able to open and exchange — originally start in this period. It is however first written in German so far, but I will get it translated. But you know: day has 36 hrs and it is often too short.

I am very much delighted to meet you soon in Stolpen, where we can discuss all these aspects personally. However, I am looking forward to hear from you before. I would very much like to hand your article to my two other cooeditors of the Textbook for Prenatal Psychology: Klaus Evertz and Ludwig janus. Especially Ludwig is really interested in Psychohistory and Social Psychology. Is that ok?

When do you exactly arrive in Germany — and how long do you stay?

Best wishes,


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