Psychological seminars

Research Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy holds the group seminars of personal development.

Host: doctor of psychology, professor Shamil Tashaev.

Knowledge that you will receive at these seminars is consolidated under the brand of the “Navigator in the Ocean of Life”. Complex approach for all the most important life aspects allows to solve many of psychological and physiological issues fast and effectively.

Target audience age is from 16 to 90 years.

Seminars are performed in Saint-Petersburg (ability to hold seminars in other locations can be discussed).

All seminars are divided in several grades depending on skills of client:

Grade 1:

  • “Dominant” psychological seminar

This is the 10-day group seminar of personal development. It can be re-visited monthly during 3 to 5 years.

Grade 2:

  • Psychological training “The Life Quality” (4 days)
  • Psychological training “Art Therapy” (4 to 5 days)
  • Psychological training “Holotropic therapy” (4 days)
  • Psychological training “Effulgence(4 days)
  • Psychological training “Mastering the Force” (5 to 6 days)

Grade 3:

  • Psychological training “Autopsychoanalysis” (4 days)

  • Psychological training “Consciousness in the trance state” (4 days)

  • Psychological training “Removing the borders of one’s capabilities” (4 days)

  • Psychological training “Mastering the concept of transfering one’s assemblage point” (4 days)

  • Psychological training “Entering the holotropic therapy from the trance state” (4 days)