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Our Institute is a stereotype-free research institution specialized on psychosomatics. Using the widest range of knowledge from adjacent areas of science and philosophy, we are able to reach the best possible result for our clients.

We teach our patients (clients) to convert their heaviest problems into the tasks that have the solution by definition.

For that purpose we research the process of interaction between human perception (both conscious and unconscious), human interests and his/her social environment.

Our mission is science and both physical and mental health trainings.

We love to do that — and we can.

Our main activities are:

Our specialists are:

  • Natalya Kovalenko — DPsych., rof., president of the Russian Association for Prenatal Psychology and Medicine
  • Jamshed Dodkhoev — MD, juvenologist, chief of the research department of the University of Dushanbe
  • Natalya Ivanova — MD, prof., neurologist, chief researcher of the cerebrovascular neurosurgery department of the Russian Research Neurosurgical Polenov Institute
  • Konstantin Sebelev — MD, chief researcher of the beam diagnostics group, head of X-Ray department of the Russian Research Neurosurgical Polenov Institute
  • Marina Komova —MD, acmeologist, endocrinologist, obstetrician-gynecologist
  • Elmira Mirzoeva — PhD, President of the Azerbaijan Association of Practical Psychologists
  • Rashid Rasulov — MD, traumatologist
  • Oleg Galibin — MD, prof., surgeon
  • Tatyana Malysheva — obstetrician-gynecologist, functional diagnostician, specialist in ultrasound
  • Alina Andreeva — psychologist-psychotherapist
  • Alina Yakhyaeva — clinical psychologist
  • Valentina Chaplinskaya — PhD
  • Nadezhda Gladysheva — public relations specialist, secretary
  • Marina Moiseeva — group training methodologist
The goal of our scientific activity is to search, develop and implement the most effective ways to help people in their most complicated living circumstances. About 40 years of research, numerous scientific publications, continuous practice and working with the effective results — all this gives us an opportunity to help people.


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We'll gladly share our scientific knowledge about the healthcare or family relations with you, and also reveal you the way to effective self-training on your own physical and mental health.

Happiness is a skill of joy!