Research Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy performs:

  • The education for the methods of social adaptation; methods to recover, strengthen and maintain the physical and mental health with the focus on the personal development and inner harmony; meditative techniques (both for newbies and masters who wish to learn new effective techniques, such as dynamic meditation, meditative training and auto-training of the first and second grades, psychosynthesis, work with a sense of guilt and self-remembering, holotropic breathwork, opening of the second wind, the development of consciousness in a trance state, etc.). We also learn for the leadership and obey skills, art therapy, auto-psychoanalysis, for making and using affirmations, for teamwork skills and bypassing the conflicts. We also work in the area of pregnancy support and correction of abnormalities of the reproductive sphere;
  • The extension courses for psychologists-consultants, art-therapists, conflictologists, perinatologists, for specialists in meditative auto-training, group psychotherapy, for clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and rehabilitators;
  • Graduate students and applicants perform doctoral research at the Scientific Research Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology (prepared and defended: 1 degree in general psychology, two master’s thesis in psychology, completed but not yet defended thesis for the candidate of medical sciences, defended his doctoral thesis in clinical psychology).