Complex method of group psychotherapy according to Dr. Sh. Tashaev

Publication year: 2007

Author: Marina Tsygankova

Published in:

“Prenatal child and society. Role of prenatal psychology in obsterics, neonatology, psychology, psychotherapy and sociology”, Vol. 1 (XVII International congress of International Society for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine (ISPPM) & VI All-Russia Congress of Russian Association for pre- and perinatal development (RAPPD). Moscow, 2007, May 20 — 24).


Research Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Non-Commercial Partnership of Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology Institute, St. Petersburg

Quite a lot of facts were accumulated in the scientific literature on the prenatal psychology about an existence of the antenatal imprinting and some influence antenatal imprints have upon the posterior life of a human being. There is also some data on the correlation of sequential imprints both with each other and with unconsciousness plots. However it is not enough literature that describes therapy methods applied to the negative imprints of antenatal origin.

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