Informational sense of frequence characteristics electro magnetic field for the blood cells

Publication year: 1997

Author: Shamil Tashaev, V. V. Thomson, O. V.Galibin, S. A. Aganesov, V. I. Tsura

Published in:

Abstracts of the 1st International Congress “Weak and Hyperweak Fields and Radiations in Biology and Medicine” (July 16 — 19, 1997, Saint-Petersburg)

Scientific Research Centre of the State Medical University, St. Petesburg, Russia

The blood of male dogs was destroyed for one hour by passing bubbles of N2. In the first and second experiments destroying was done on the background of rolling sinusoidal electro magnetic field (EMF) — L=125000 nTl, F=70 Hz — the first experiment and L=125000 nTl, F=3 Hz — the second experiment; in the third experiment irradiation was not done. Before and right after the traumatizing of the blood by N2bubbles analysis was done of resistibility of erythrocytes in 0,4% solution of NaCl, quantity of Hb in bliis plasma, quantity of microagregates and groups of slaged blood cells in the unit of volume.

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