Participation of consciousness and the unconscious in the rise of psychosomatic diseases

Publication year: 2013

Author: Shamil Tashaev

Published in:

“Relevant problems of psychosomatic medicine in general practice”, vol. 13. — Saint-Petersburg, November, 2013. / Gen. ed. by V. I. Mazurov. — SPb.: “Victoria plus” publishers — 2013. — 308 pp. (“Psychosomatic Medicine” program)

ISBN 978-5-91673-126-2

Tashaev Sh. S.

PhD of biology in physiology of human and animals

Grand Doctor of psychology in clinical psychology

Open Joint Stock Company “Research Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology”

Russia, Saint-Petersburg

This article presents new definition for the Consciousness and the Unconscious as self-sustained forms of existance of the Matter as such.

The Consciousness is ascribed a function to define the reference point for any event, process, or interaction and to merge their cause-and-effect relations into the unified meaning (denotation). In other words, Consciousness creates local stable “ordered” formations, that can be conditionally named “Meaning (denotation)”. The initial part in creation of the Meaning (denotation) for the Living Systems (LS) is determining the reference point for the act of satisfying the needs, the subsequent part is formation of Personal Interest (PI). The achievment of private PI is always connected with a conflict between the private PI and the PI of other subject. At the same time, the conflict is a priori undestructable, i.e. there emerges a stress factor which can lead to the disease. Thus, the interaction of Consciousness and the Unconscious takes place on the PI level.

The Unconscious is the form of existance of the Matter as such and is not a someone’s personal priority. This is a complicated psychic formation, containing private and collective parts, energy part (emotions) and unsrtuctured “amorphous” part. The last mentioned part is basically never exposed in common psychotherapeutic practice, since on that level takes place the complete disintegration of Personality.

Hereinafter the author gives the examples from the own psychotherapeutic practice and from the analysis of the literature as well, where he reveals multifaceted involvement of almost every component of Consciousness and the Unconscious to the psychosomatics of various patients, against the background of private PIs achievement and emerging stress factors as well.

The “conscious part” of the PI is an activating factor inducing the Animate to leave the state of energetic equilibrium with the surrounding environment by means of constant searching for the situation of optimal satisfaction of individual’s needs and — by implication — by means of unconscious psyche component, as well as by inner development and evolution." This situation is facilitated by — first — a certain rigidity of the unconscious; second — the ability of unconscious to generate an imprint; and, third — the unconscious’ dimension in the human psyche is far larger than the conscious’ dimension.

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