Perinatal Memory and Imprinting

Publication year: 2011

Author: Shamil Tashaev

Published in: International Journal of ISPPM, 2011

Prof. Sh. S. Tashaev

Research Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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Keywords: perinatal, memory, imprinting, family relationships, age regression.

In this work were researched the subjects of perinatal and early postnatal periods of human development and especially their influence on the formation of negative and positive human imprints. The research was performed with volunteers from 18 to 60 years old. Developed in our institute, the main research method consisted in the directional activation of subject’s creative thinking in the awaked state. The past events were unfolding again in the present experience. The test subject was able at any time to critically estimate these events from the postition of his/her present life experience. By subject’s agreement, the process had been recording on audio and video, and every subject of the research was asked for his/her consent for anonimous use of this material in scientific publications and reports. The received material containing the re-living of past events in the present moment while keeping the conscious perception of surrounding reality had been verifying as far as possible by questioning of parents, other relatives and simply acquaintances who could become the witnesses or participants of the events of the past. In addition to this, the test subjects have been reliving the past events were able to draw certain parallels, associating some past events with the following ones or with their influence on one or another feature of their character.

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