Personal Development and Inner Harmony

Publication year: 2012

Author: Shamil Tashaev

Published in:

“Reproductive health of the family in the view of perinatal psychology” (2012). International conference’ materials. 2012, May 23 — 25, Saint-Petersburg

Tashaev Sh. S.

PhD (Physiology of humans and animals), PhD (Clinical Psychology), Professor

NP “Research Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology”

St. Petersburg

Personal development is a process, which influences on such components of a person (as a subject of public relations) as inborn qualities, abilities (developed on the potentialities` basis), temperament, character and will. Personal development is often taken for career growth, which major point is a social status. Mostly, it becomes the reason for another confusion: the problem of determining a starting point in the process of personal development. After considering the personal development from inborn qualities as the growth of individual components, it becomes obviously that the personal development comes from a very early moment of an intrauterine growth of preneyt. Huge amount of Perinatology studies show that preneyt has its individual psyche (1-3). In other words, preneyt is a priori a `legal` entity, and has its own private `interests`, which do not always coincide with his mother’s, her immediate environment’s (family, friends) and the societies`, so that preneyt gets the first experience of overcoming contradictions in interests, i.e. creating inner harmony.

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