Personification of the unconscious material and the transference game

Publication year: 2015

Author: Shamil Tashaev

PTPPPA 2015: 1st International Congress on Psychic Trauma: Prenatal, Perinatal and Postnatal Aspects

May 15 — 16, Belgrade, Serbia

Psychoanalysis takes the leading place in prophylaxis and treatment of neurosis and neurosis-like states from the days of Sigmund Freud. The concept of transference is the fundamental working mechanism intended to free the patient from his/her neurosises. The transference is the repeat, “the new edition of old objective relations”. Impulses, feelings and protections of the past personality are transferred to the present personality and cause the resistance of analyzed patient. It takes some (sometimes much) time and some re-living from patient as well to overcome this resistance, thus it becomes clear why the sessions of psychoanalysis may take such a long time. There is quite a lot of methods in psychoanalysis. The most classical of them are the methods of related associations, the interpretation of dreams and method of interpretation as such. Many psychoanalysts make their efforts to shorten the session time while still keeping it as effective as possible. Nevertheless, there are still no reliable ways found to lead a session in minimum time with maximum effectiveness. It is so important to remove the resistance from the transference reactions because all human relationships are in fact a kind of mix of real reactions and reactions of transference.

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