Problems of verification of the material of age regression

Publication year: 2008

Author: Shamil Tashaev

Published in:

“Perinatal Psychology and Psychotherapy” (a collection of papers after the 3rd International Congress), Saint-Petersburg, May 30 — June 2, 2008

ISBN 978-5-93682-478-4

N-P.M. “IPTP” Scientific Research Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology, St.Petersburg, Russia

Perinatal psychology and medicine have been established as a field of science several decades ago. Over the years numerous research studies have been conducted within it in the area of psychology and biology of the human embryo, family relations, and obstetrics. The results thus obtained are being successfully implemented in the practice of maternity service, paediatrics, preschool and school education. However, perinatal psychology has been overcoming considerable barriers to achieve recognition within academic science. One important reasons of this is the fact that the basic tenet of perinatal psychology is — a prenate has psyche long before the brain has matured and is completely formed. Modern academic science postulates the primate of the brain in human psyche and behaviour. To resolve this argument and to come to a certain consensus would require more rigorous proof of whether central nervous system is or is not necessarily involved in every process of human mental activity. That is, strict verification is needed of scientific experimental data available to both sides.

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