Psychological pursuit for stability as a factor of social evolution and the source of the formation of mental, psychological and psychosomatic traumas

Publication year: 2015

Author: Shamil Tashaev

PTPPPA 2015: 1st International Congress on Psychic Trauma: Prenatal, Perinatal and Postnatal Aspects

May 15 — 16, Belgrade, Serbia

OJSC “Research Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology”

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Tashaev Sh. S.

Ph.D of Biology, Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology

Russia, St. Petersburg.

The distinctive feature of all the Animate including a man is existence of certain needs. Needs can be nominally divided to vital (they contribute to life sustaining) and to growth needs of the Animate’s psychological and spiritual qualities development. However some needs, even vital, were left beyond the science vision.

For instance expansion to external environment. The absence of proper satisfaction of this need leads to extinction and to the interruption of the development of any living system including a man. When we speak about the absence of proper satisfaction we mean nearly total consumption of compensatory survival mechanisms of an organism, in other words distress formation. Through special psychophysiological mechanisms distress in its turn gives possibility to unconscious perception elements to join in the process of organism’s survival and to increase its resistance to stress. Sometimes it becomes a new step to organism evolution if an acquired characteristic is inherited.

Expansion of one species is always interconnected with borders violation of other species that contradicts with personal interests of the latter. This need is directly connected with other needs, for example psychological need in circumstances stability. Stability is the lack of changes in productive environmental circumstances. As stability naturally doesn’t exist it is not possible for it to be satisfied neither individually nor socially.

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