Study of the unconscious, pre- and postnatal individual perception by means of the age regression model

Publication year: 2007

Author: Shamil Tashaev


Published in:

Int.J Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine Vol. 19, l — 2 (2007), pp. 34 — 48 pii: PRE191207A02

Submitted: April 2, 2007 Accepted: April 20, 2007

Shamil S. TASHAEV, PhD

Research Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology at Non-Commercial Partnership of Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology Institute, St. Petersburg.

Keywords: perception; prenatal; perinatal; unconscious; imprint; age regression.

Verified presence of the memory about various events of concrete person’s pre-, peri- and postnatal development periods with the help of changing probationer’s psychological time sensation in hypnotic trance is researched in paper. The person’s perception of collective unconscious fragments, which information is spread outside the frames of person’s pre-, peri- and postnatal development being the sphere of the so-called extra-corporal experience (sub-mortal experience) is analyzed. The researches are held with the help of 12 volunteers (three men aged from 26 to 34 years old and nine women aged from 26 to 65 years old). It is shown that the perinatal valuable “memory” about the events of prenatal period exists irrespectively of his/her brain’s maturing degree. The hypothesis about two types of perception is put forward and the detailed wording of this notion is presented. Based on author’s own researches and the information obtained from scientific literature, the conclusion is drawn that the antenatal imprints can be subdivided into two types: namely, the antenatal development imprints and the birth imprints, which are in complex interaction with each other.

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