The concept of prenatal memory

Publication year: 2011

Author: Shamil Tashaev

Published in:

The “Psychosomatic Medicine”. The 11th Conference “Actual problems of psychosomatic medicine in general practice.” A collection of articles. St. Petersburg, November 22th, 2011.

Shamil Tashaev, PhD

N-P.M. “IPTP” Scientific Research Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology,

St.Petersburg, Russia

C. Jung in his paper on synchronicity wrote that the unconscious also contains subconscious perception and forgotten image-memories which cannot be retreived at the moment, and probably will never be retrieved. In the contents of the unconscious we should distinguish perception, which I would name “inexplicable knowledge” or “spontaneity” of mental images. Nevertheless, however incomprehensible it may seem, we are eventually compelled to assume that the unconscious contains something like a priori knowledge or “spontaneity” of events which do not have any causal basis. In any case, our concept of causality is of no use for an explanation of these facts.

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