The reasons of decreasing quantity of children in the family

Publication year: 2010

Author: Tatyana Malysheva

Published in:

“Health of the family — health of the society”. Congress materials; 2010, May 29-30, Saint-Petersburg

Tatiana Malysheva

Shamil Tashaev, PhD.

Research Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Non-Commercial Partnership of Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology Institute,

St. Petersburg, 2010

The fertility in Russian Federation doesn’t reach the level needed even for usual population reproduction. Cumulative fertility rate makes 1,6 while for usual reproduction of population without increasing the number of people cumulative rate equal to 2,11 — 2,15 is needed. There are several reasons of such situation and among them the main place is held by drastically decreasing number of recurring delivery, which means decreasing the number of children in the family. There are enough researches made on this subject, but the current research is referred to very important theme — the influence of pregnancy quality, carrying of prenate and the delivery process as such on mother and — naturally — on her preparedness for the new pregnancy.

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