Quite often meditative techniques are confused with the meditation itself.

  • For instance, the meditative running;
  • Focusing attention on one’s breath. While the focus presents, the meditation is absent. It emerges only when the focus of attention disappears and you become the process of breathing. Many sportsmen have experienced such states while reaching the second wind state;
  • Auto-training as an example of reaching the meditative state with conscious relaxation of skeletal muscles;
  • We use the technique of contemplation and empathy in the sensations of the body during the state of bliss and passing it on light of different wavelengths. Our experience shows that this approach leads to faster meditative state of serenity and inspiration.
So what finally is the meditation, and what is the place for it in modern human life? Shamil Tashaev states that meditation is the presence. If you want to understand the way your thoughts become real — you should learn to be present in your thoughts!