At the psychological centre of the Research Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy we pay huge attention for learning people to handle conflict situations and bypass the “pressure” of circumstances — i.e. to live one’s own life but not the life ruled by those circumstances.

Programs of all the three seminars (“Dominanta”, “Eagle’s Flight” and “Psychosynthesis”) include this subject obligatory. It consists of working with a sense of guilt, developing a priori goodwill to the others, training for the meditative auto-psychoanalysis and auto-training, working with the biologically active zones of the body, training to work with incontinence thought, learning to choose and to create personalized affirmations, art therapy, holotropic breathwork trainings and dynamic meditation techniques, training for coordinated teamwork as a leader and subordinate, and more. Furthermore, there is a rich arsenal of techniques for the individual work.

These trainings are held under the supervision of professor Shamil Tashaev.