Holotropic therapy

Holotropic breathwork from the trance state.

One of the features of our institute is the persistent creative re-thinking and enhancement of all practices that we apply. And now we have changed the entry in the holotropic breathwork process. Preliminary introduction of holonauts in light trance state greatly facilitates the process of respiration and allows brighter feeling of the changes that take place during this work.

The journey into the deeps of one’s “me” releases the suppressions and gives the opportunity to gain power and make the next personal discovery!

The journey into the deeps of one’s Consciousness and into the very undercovered places of one’s Soul is always the privilege and the reward at the same time!

Holotropic breathwork is one of the most famous practices of spiritual development. The result of holotropic breathwork has long-lasting character.

The main results of holotropic session are:

  • enhancing of physical and mental state
  • widening the borders of existance
  • restoring the sharpness, freshness and clearness of surrounding reality perception
  • release from stereotypes
  • creativity awakening
Being holonaut you will experience the leverage of perinatal matrices and transpersonal reality (the collective unconscious) described by S. Grof. While the sitter experience will give you awareness of the uniqueness and unconditional worth of each human creature.