Scientific journal

The new stage of development for IPTP publishing house is the edition of “Psychosomatics” International Scientific Journal. It will be electronically published starting from the year 2015, and will be found here at The works that pass the editorial selection will be published in paper version of the journal. The journal will have ISBN and will be forwarded to all the leading libraries of the world, including the USA Congress library and others.

The journal have 4 thematic sections consolidated in one main theme: the connections between the personality’s psyche, illness, ideology and adaptation. Preference will be given to the works that will have the theme of comprehensive assessment of the state of the psyche and the collation of assesment results with:

  • the presence of illness and its prognosis (relief, the shift in the chronic form, lethal outcome);
  • the social adaptation of the person (presence of family well-being, success in self-actualization, satisfaction and acceptance of the existing order and state laws or rejection of any order — “rebelliousness”, spontaneity in solving any urgent tasks regardless of the established order, and, breaking the law or respect it, adhering or not adhering to humanistic principles);
  • the presence of severity of creative abilities of intelligence (the ability to set goals and find the ways to solve them, the ability to insight);
  • the availability of strong leadership or outsider traits (rejection or acceptance of responsibility, the ability to manage / obey and lead);
  • the scientific analysis of the conditions of formation of normal and pathological psyche during the perinatal, natal and early postnatal period of human development;
  • the study of the collective unconscious’ role in the formation of human personality and his/her development (the role of personal dissociation, near-death states, religion, spiritual and meditative practices in human involvement in the influence area of the collective unconscious);
  • the study of PTSD, imprinting, personal dissociation, hypnosis, lucid dreaming, age regression, psychoanalysis, the work with one’s personal psychological space (family constellations, body work).

Theoretic works will also be published, as well as thematic literature reviews.

As a supplement will be published the doctoral researches in medicine and all areas of psychology.

The Editorial Board of the journal includes all members of the Scientific Council of the Institute.

Editor in Chief — Shamil Tashaev, prof., Chairman of the Scientific Council.

Scientific Editor — Jamshed Dodkhoev, M.D., Head of Research Department of the Dushanbe University.